“In her collection of meditations, Year of Trial, Year of Grace, Ms. Harris moves from day to day and from topic to topic, introducing the reader to a beautiful soul, deeply in love with God and filled with faith. How fortunate our Church is to have within it a young woman of sight and insight; a young woman who loves Christ dearly and the wonderful multifaceted jewel of the Church He founded.”

- Most Reverend Herbert A. Bevard
Bishop of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

“It was WONDERFUL!!!! I enjoyed it thoroughly and I folded down some of the pages that really hit home so I can go back and re-read them. Can’t wait for the next one.”

- Paula Wolstenholme
Contract Administrator

“Clayvon Harris fearlessly moves beyond dogma and church politics to take a simultaneously hard and honest, loving and provocative look at aspects of her chosen faith. Harris’s themes and questions, though couched in Catholicism, are universal; ones we all ask and grapple with, be it in our places of worship or within the privacy of our own souls.”

- D. Amari Jackson
Creator of The Book Look

“This is a book for young and old, Catholics and those of any persuasion who are seeking a path to understanding God’s love and presence in their lives.”

- Sr. Marianna R. Fieo, SSJ

“Whatever you believe, if you are looking to experience a journey towards discovering God's love, His message, and His direction in your life, look no further than Year of Trial, Year of Grace by Clayvon C. Harris. It's an inspiring read for both the steadfast Christian and the struggling layperson. The book is both timely and directly relevant as the headlines about the new pope continue to make newsworthy statements.”

- Katelyn Hensel for Readers' Favorite

“...what's plainly evident is that this is a Holy Spirit-driven work. [The] thoughts and analyses get deeper with each passage. The simplicity of [the author’s] spiritual conclusions is what makes for easy reading, yet in an intellectually stimulating way for believers at any stage of their walk with Christ, Catholic or non-catholic.”

- Thane Trotman, Esquire

Year of Trial, Year of Grace, a Catholic’s Search for Faith is truly one of the most inspiring books I’ve ever read.”

- Paula Jones
Teacher, 34 Years
School District of Philadelphia

Year of Trial, Year of Grace is an escalating series of provocative revelations of one person’s religious faith – both teetering and celebrating... This is a book from the heart.”

- Ted Regan, Jr.
Retired Advertising Executive

“Through this timely book, Clayvon Harris courageously analyzes the pitfalls of society that erode and diminish the inherent goodness of the human spirit, and offers prayer and faith as tools for developing both inner-strength and self-determination.”

- Marie L. Watson
Branch Manager, 20 Years
Free Library of Philadelphia

“Speaking directly to her fellow Catholics, Clayvon Harris leads them beyond the all-too-human frailties of the institution of the church to the meaning of faith and love that is its very soul. Today’s headlines are put in perspective against the ageless meaning of God’s love as the focus is rightly moved off the messengers and back onto the message.”

- Nancy Hills
Writer/Former Journalist

From Amazon.com reviews:

Year of Trial, Year of Grace is a must read for anyone who has ever questioned one's faith, or belief in God. Don't be confused by the title "A Catholic's Search for Faith." This book is meant for anyone who has from time to time struggled with understanding God's plan. As a Baptist, I found the book both enlightening and provocative. The author touches on points that all Christians struggle with, why someone becomes ill; will God heal? Should I watch a particular movie or go to a particular place? How do these actions (and others) impact my testimony or compromise my walk? I am most impressed with the provocative and honest thoughts the author shares about the sex scandal within the Catholic Church. If you are not a Catholic and wonder why some Catholics stay you should read this book. If you are a Catholic and wonder how your denomination can move forward despite the sins of those in power you should read this book. Year of Trial provides a poignant look at everyday challenges that can shake one's faith but also provides scriptural references that may help see you through.

- smh

“This book was given to me as a gift. Although I'm not Catholic, I use it as a devotional book and always find the reading to be exactly what I needed to think about that day. It is amazing how it is always relevant to the events going on within and around me.”

- Nancy Ellen Dodd